Inner structure causes change in object dimension

  • Hi I am facing a very weird phenomena. My walls generally have a really good quality. When I print a solid cube there are no deviations observable. Nevertheless when printing an object with screw holes inside, a change in diameter ob the holes causes significant expansion on the outer surface. Does anyone have an what could cause it?!

  • 2019-12-06 15.38.02.jpg
    2019-12-06 15.38.33.jpg

  • For better understanding: my holes start with a small diameter and then become wider to embed the screw head as well. The first thickness shift appears when the hole in the middle increases its diameter. The second one when the other 4 do the same thing...
    Oh and the problem is reproduceable.

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    Are you using Cura? You probably need to tune the skin removal parameter.

    Can you post the gcode so we can see the internal structure?

  • I am using Slic3r. Actually it seams I identified the problem. Slic3r had a threshold of layer time above which it turnes off the cooling. On my object that happened exactly in these layers which had the bottom structure for the wider screw hole... but is it possible ghe absence of cooling makes such a difference on the outer surface?

  • Yes uneven cooling will cause uneven crimpage...

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