E3D hemera mount

  • Did anyone already design a mount for the new e3d Hemera direct drive extruder, or would I be breaking new ground of I tried my hand at one? The commonly available ones for 40mm fans won't work well because the nozzle isn't centered to the fan so there would be x and y offsets.

  • I'm designing one now for my printer. I use Hiwin rails so it most likey will work only for my design. Whats nice is that it has the fours corner slots to use.Hermera.jpg
    I 'm still thinking of offsetting it so the nozzle is centered the the guide blocks.
    Also have to fit a cooling fan and cable chain.

  • Do you also have a bltouch in your design? Titan hotend is long enough to have a bltouch under the extruder but I don't think this is the case with Hemera.

  • No I'm using the dc42 IR probe. I've seen some attachments for the bltouch which is more common the the IR probe.
    Ir Probe.jpg

  • @Synapsis any issues due to the offset to the nozzle? Or is it "just working fine"?

  • I'm still waiting for my Hermera to arrive. So I'm just in the design fase right now. Was thinking of moving it a little to the right with respect of the center of the guide blocks so to have a little more printing space.

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