Part Cooling Fan Not Working

  • Hey all!

    I recently rebuilt my Hypercube Evolution and put the new Hemera extruder on it.

    The part cooling fan no longer works. I can plug it in to an always on spot and it spins, but can't get it to work on fan0.

    Am I missing something?

  • Figured it out. Apparent when my old fans wires broke they shorted together and blew fan0's mosfet on the board. I mapped it to fan2 and will just use that since it wasn't being used anyhow.

  • @justinds89 happened to me also, you can buy replacement mosfets if you decide to fix it.

  • @Stealthy_TT have the same issue. Do you have experience in desoldering the old one?

  • @TC negative, Have the equipment to try it but never got around to it. So many things are in that same area haha. I think you can also send your board to DC42 and he will fix it for a price. I do plan on swapping my board out so i can try though. ill post back up when i attempt.

  • I would be interested to find out what component needs swapped out. I have some experience soldering, but not sure if it's worth attempting to fix without knowing more first.

    Like I said I was able to get everything working on Fan2 so not a huge concern for me currently.