Core XY firmware.

  • I have been looking at posts regarding running a D Bot core XY machine but can't seem to find the info I am looking for. I am errr semiilleterate when it comes to firmware, I struggle with Marlin let alone anything else. Is there a ready compiled firmware for the D Bot Core XY machine? I have the Duet 2 WiFi and Paneldue but am a bit nervous when it comes to installing the firmware. I have been using it on a CNC router so not suitable for 3D printer in it's current configuration...

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    RepRapFirmware (that runs on the Duet) is different from Marlin. You don't 'compile' the firmware in the same way; the firmware is the same on all Duets. What you do change is the configuration file, which is stored on the SD card in the 'sys' folder, called 'config.g'. This means you don't have to continually compile the firmware and upload it to the microcontroller each time you want to make a change.

    There are a number of other users on the forum using CoreXY and specifically D Bot printers (I don't have one), but you will, to some extent, need to learn and understand how to set up your own machine, as everyone's is slightly different.

    I suggest start reading the documentation here to get the basics:

    You should use the RepRapFirmware configurator to get a basic config.g and other files:

    There is a specific guide for setting up CoreXY machines here (though not the D Bot specifically):

    Hope that helps. Do ask for help if there's anything that's not clear, before you get angry/frustrated!


  • I have a DBot.
    Here is my config file and my homing files.

    I use a BL Touch on this machine so the Z axis is homed with it.

    Hope this helps you.


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    Please let us know if you have issues using the configurator to get a starting config. You'll need to know some specifics about the printer hardware. From there going through the corexy setup guide posted above should get you up and running.

    Is your Dbot stock, or has it been modified?

  • Hi all, many thanks. The D bot is my project for over the Xmas period, something to tinker with during thole long stretches of inactivity. I can hide in my workshop whilst the missus watches Coronation St on Ice or some other such nonesense. Timcurtis67 many thanks, I will use your files as a starting point. My D Bot is bog standard apart from using the 300mm square bed as opposed to the 300 x 220 version.
    Thanks again...

  • @timcurtis67 Hi Tim, many thanksthat should save me some aggro! I am using an E3D Hemera direct extruder so may have to alter the firmware in places, the X carriage will probably have a different offset for the BL touch as I am not using the standard X carrige. I am also going with the 300 x 300 bed, I will have a go at making the alterations myself but can I shout for help if I get stuck? Many thanks and Merry Xmas,

  • @Helensdad You're welcome. Defiantly shout out if you need and help. I'll try to help out.

    Merry Christmas to you as well.

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    @Helensdad said in Core XY firmware.:

    My D Bot is bog standard apart from using the 300mm square bed as opposed to the 300 x 220 version.

    Take a look at the Z-bot in my signature. It's also a Dbot with 300x300 bed. I had to make a few modifications to the Z axis and bed frame to be able to handle the larger bed size. Mainly switching from 2 lead screws on either side to 3 lead screws in a triangular pattern. The cantilevered bed design of the stock build works ok with 2 lead screws because you can find the balance point fairly easily since it's weighted towards the wheel guides. But when the bed size increases it becomes much less stable, the balance point gets harder to find, and binding and bouncing is likely to occur.

    In my case I added a front cross member to the bed frame to make it more rigid, added the 3rd leadscrew, and used a single motor and belt arrangement to keep the lead screws synced. Another popular way to go is to use 3 independent motors one for each lead screw and then use the automatic bed leveling to resync them and level the bed. This requires a Duex expansion board for the extra driver though. The issue with this approach is that the dbot bed frame and wheel sleds weren't designed to allow for the flex inherent in adjusting 3 separate points of the bed frame.

    Just something to be aware of as you dive into it.

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