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  • This is a bit off topic but I thought I would try if anyone has an answer.
    I am using a Raspberry Pi zero W for a monitoring camera on my Duet. It works well enough but has one annoying 'feature' ... every so often the feed to my web browser (newest Firefox under Linux) freezes. I have tried the various fixes that address the pi side of things but I don't think it's the pi that freezes because a page refresh in Firefox gets the feed back.
    It's a possibility that Firefox causes the issue but then a camera feed from Octoprint on a different printer has never frozen.
    My question: Has anyone had the issue of the picture stream freezing (but not the pi itself) with a Pi camera and if so, were you able to fix that issue somehow ?
    Obviously not a life or death situation but annoying .....

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    I use a Rpi0W and pi cam module with MotionEye as well and have noticed that the stream will occasionally freeze and require a page refresh. It seems to happen with any browser. Or at least in my case it happens with Chrome on Mac and Safari on iOS.

    I suspect that it has to do with the browser putting the tab to sleep to save power, but just a guess.

    Do you have Motion Eye set to act as a Fast Network Camera?

  • Yes, fast network camera.

  • There is a chrome setting about sleeping tabs or not. Firefox may have the same. Google...

  • you can try to give the gpu more ram (raspi-config) it depends on your Raspberry how much you can give i have good results with 512 mb maybe it will work with 256 MB

  • what software is streaming the video on pi?

    I had issues with mjpg-streamer on number of projects where another system is fetching the stream (usually ffmpeg server) and packing them into another stream, that from time to time a whole lot of garbage arrives from the mjpg-streamer. the mjpg-streamer recovers but your client need to know how to restart, ffmpeg mostly does, but number of other clients does not and you have to restart them to continue fetching stream ... even ffmpeg sometimes breaks and cannot restart and you have to manually reboot it.. all this running on a way more powerful board than rpi zero so I doubt it has anything to do with resources

    Now, I'm using this fork https://github.com/jacksonliam/mjpg-streamer and I have not had that issue for more than a year, but I don't run as many cameras as I used to (moved to dedicated ones), maybe that bug is fixed or maybe I just got lucky can't say for sure 😞

  • I will look into mjg-streamer .... I have been contemplating (but not doing much about it) changing the software on all my camera feeds as I find MotionEye to have too many little quirks and issues. I have several cameras going.

  • an good alternative is uv4l this is working without any problems here.

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    @smece said in Web surveilance - RPi/MotionEye:

    what software is streaming the video on pi?

    When in Fast Network Camera mode it's using streameye: https://github.com/ccrisan/streameye

  • This stand alone Wyze camera works great for me. Easy to setup, does not require a computer, can be access with my phone from everywhere, has night vision, and with the addition of a micro sd card, can continuously record such that I can diagnose failures.


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