Temperature scale to speed

  • Hello Guys,

    i've got a question about printing with higher speeds:
    As i print faster i need to turn my Hotend temps up to increase the speed it can push the PLA for example right?
    So woudn't it be great if we have a calculator implemented in the DWC where we can add to each Filament a default speed and a default Temp and we can add in slicer the temp 999 for example and it trys to replace this value with that requested Speed?

    This is just a Idea that i had that i like to discuss with you Guys. 😁

  • @AS-3D-Druck This has been discussed before. I think the problem is that there is always a lag between commanding a new temperature and the heater actually reaching that new set temperature. It would work if the entire print was made using the same speed, or if the speed was gradually increased over a number of layers or some time period, but otherwise remained constant for all move types. The problem comes when different move types happen at different speeds, e.g. perimeters, small perimeters, infill, bridges, etc., because the heater would not react fast enough.

    Edit. But in principle it's a good idea!

  • @deckingman thx
    so basicly the core Problem is the heater not heating quick enough and mabye there is some post processing required to go from infill temp1 to outher perimeter temp2 to bridge temp3 for example to create a curve to slowly or fast switch between those Areas.

  • @AS-3D-Druck I would think that would be the case. Unless one had a very fast response heater but that would likely be overpowered for normal use and raise some safety concerns.

    But for simple objects like vases and so forth, you could do a crude simulation with macros and link heater temperature to speed multiplier. Something along the lines of M220 S110 followed by G10 Tn SNewTemp (where NewTemp is say 5 degrees hotter than normal). That's not very elegant but it would be simple to implement and conditional gcode when it appears, would make it easier still.

  • Is the issue that you need higher heat or is it that the heater block cannot keep up with the temperature at higher speeds. If it is the later you may need to get a bigger heater block. If it is the earlier there may be an issue in trying to close the loop temp vs speed.

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