Hotend Heater Cartridge always powered during print?

  • Hi to all,

    just a simple question: Is the heater always powered during prints?

    I´m just asking because I´ve noticed with my external Mosfets that the hotend is always on, just not on 100% but at about 40% to 50% (guessed by brightness of control light)
    Is this normal behaviour of Duet 3 ethernet @ Firmware 2.05 or do I have any issue in my setup which will cause my heater cartridge to die way too early?

    My rig: TRONXY X5SA coreXY upgraded to Duet 2 ethernet and MicroSwiss all metal hotend, dual PSU 24V

    Thanks for any advice!

  • Yes, it's common since it uses PWM (pulse width modulation) to switch it on and off rapidly to maintain temperature.

  • @JamesM Well, then I´m quite happy again.
    Thanks for your fast answer, happy new year!

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