Duet 3 + Raspberry PI + Camera

  • Hi!
    I have a Duet 3 + PI 4 and want to include a camera feed in the web server.

    Can I install something like MotionEyeOS on the same PI and connect a Logitech 1080p USB camera? Or can this make the Duet software unstable.. ? Better to use a seperate PI or a camera like the WyzeCamV2

  • I have attached my Logitech C525 (720p) to the same Pi as connected to the Duet 3 and I use uStreamer (with --encoder=omx to enable hardware encoding). It works perfectly. Also the Pi 4 is so powerful and DSF is so resource efficient that there is no need to worry.

  • @wilriker ok, I`ll try that

  • i am using the Fisheye Raspicam together with "RPICamcontrol"-Software on the same RPi.
    works so far...

  • Before upgrading to Duet 3 I had a raspberry pi 3 running motioneyeos which is rock solid stable.
    On my new Duet 3 setup I have a Raspberry pi 4 running the Duet software on top of Raspbian Buster (not the DuetPi.img). This is so that I can run the full blown Raspbian Buster and give me 100% flexibility.
    I have customised Buster i.e removed all games and unwanted programs and utilities to make it look more professional.
    I have a touchscreen connected to RPI4 but also have the option to use Bluetooth mouse and keyboard if I want to.
    I have created a script and a taskbar Icon that automates the shutdown of both the RPI's.
    This setup is ideal for me and even though the RPI4 is likely capable of streaming video to the DWC, it is relieved of the resources.

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