Good results silencing the Hemera

  • I have bees adapting my printer to the new Hemera extruder from E3D.

    The included cooling fan for the hotend screams pretty bad at full rpm. My first thought was to order a quieter fan, such as a Noctua.

    But before ordering I did some tests and with good results.

    I using the PWM settings in M106 the command I configured the fan to only start above 80 degress and max out at 220 degrees with a speed of 170 (of 255) .

    This has worked fine for me with no seemingly issues with heat creep. The longest print so fas has ben about three hours.

    So I have not had the need to order a new fan, thanks to configuration. That's nice 🙂

    Have any one else tested anything similar?
    What is your experience?

    M106 P1 B1 T80:220 H1 X170

    (This needs a firmware version supporting the X parameter, >= 2.02)

  • Nice, still waiting for my local dealer to stock those later this month.

    The 80 degrees is that the hot end temp or a new thermistor on the heatsink?

  • @fotomas said in Good results silencing the Hemera:


    Have any one else tested anything similar?

    Yes - I've been doing something very similar with my diamond hot end.

    What is your experience?

    Same as yours.

    For info, I also use the "L" parameter. I found it quite annoying when the hot end is cooling and the fan ramps down more slowly as the temperature decreases. When the PWM was below a certain value, the fan made an annoying buzzing noise which can be eliminated by setting a minimum fan speed (it also helps cool the hot end a bit faster).

  • @bearer That is the hotend terminator.

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