Procedure to save Homing (post successful Homing)

  • Does anybody know what the correct procedure is for saving the homing parameters on Duet2 Wifi?
    I have successfully homed my machine and using the WorkBee Control. So far so good.
    However, every time I re-boot the system the WorkBee Control gives me a status of 'XYZ not homed'.
    I will add the customized homeall.g file to this post. Note that the homeall.g file is in the sys sub-directory and that I have also tried manual entry of M500 AND end customconfig.g with M501 on the last line.
    For the record. Duet2 Wifi board 1.02, Reprap V2.03, Duet WifiServer V1.23 and WorkBee Control V1.0.1
    Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

  • @T49 RRF assumes open loop control, so has to re-home whenever the motors have been deenergized or the current machine state is lost, including after a reboot.

  • @T49
    The behaviour you’re getting is as it should be.
    Any stepper driven (and most servo driven) systems cannot know if an axis has been moved whilst powered down.
    Hence you must home as your first step.

  • @OwenD Ok thanks for confirmation. Cheers,

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