Connecting a Stepper Driver Expansion to a duet 2 wifi

  • I have some spare/extra parts from a different project and I was wondering if there is any way to connect these parts together for more stepper motors

    I have:
    -Duet 2 wifi
    -Maestro Dual Stepper Driver Expansion Module
    -Expansion header breakout board

    I have looked through the diagrams but I can't figure it out completely with one i could connect tot the Expansion module because some seem to be either missing

    Breakout board / Stepper Driver Expansion Module
    E2_STEP / E2_STEP
    E2_EN / E2_EN
    E2_STOP / ?
    E2_DIR / E2_DIR
    +3.3V / +3.3V
    GND / GND
    ? / VIN
    ? / E2_UART

    Duet 2.png

  • If I am understanding correctly, and I may not be because I don't have those parts right in front of me...

    VIN would be motor voltage (12 or 24V)

    However... it looks to me like one set of that hardware uses SPI to program the chips and the other uses UART. If this is true, they cannot really be lashed up the way you are seeking.

    Again... grain of salt...

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