M581 in RRF3

  • I have set up an external trigger to execute an e-stop on button press.
    This is giving me two problems:

    1. When enabled in config.g I get random e-stop occurrences. ( I have a normally open switch connected to gnd and in on io2.in).

    2. In the documentation for M581 it says:

    "When M581 is executed, if the T parameter is present but the other parameters are omitted, the trigger inputs and edge polarities for that trigger number are reported. "

    Here is my config for M581:

    M581 P"^!io2.in" T0 C0 ; configure active-low endstop to perform an e-stop and let it trigger at any time without restrictions

    When I enter M581 T0 in the console I get this :

    Screenshot (6).png

    If I disable the M581 command in config.g I can print without problems,
    BTW my endstops are configured and wired in the same way without issues.

  • @chas2706 I'm a long way from my printer with only my 'phone to hand so can't say for sure how mine are configured but try taking out the ^

  • @deckingman

    Thanks I will try later.

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