(Not So New) New CoreXY 400x400x560mm Build in Progress

  • Feel free to reference my old post on the build.

    Fortunately life got in the way during this. Got married! Bought a House! and plenty of other excuses got in the way.

    Re: New CoreXY 400x400x560mm Build in Progress

    Anywho I dove back into this project since I am finally settled in with everything and hitting it with full force, or at least trying.

    I did end up getting the CoreXY system all designed and it runs great. I initially was going to use 608 bearings but decided they were too heavy and went down to f695zz bearings. I have the electronics just laying out, I want to get everything working before I tidy it all up.

    I also ditched the Titan Aero Extruder for a few reasons but the main one being that it had a lot more feeding issues than I would have liked to in my old system. But I did like the compact size of it. Luckily China is quick to making copies but ALSO great products such as the all metal BMG extruder. This is an awesome extruder and compact to boot. So that is holding my Volcano Hotend.

    Any feedback thus far is welcomed!

    My current issues are still stall homing.

    I do have the X and Y axis homing very well (Can someone direct me to where I can read the homing values for consistency? I saw it somewhere in the thread before)

    The Z axis on the other hand is still very much a failure. I am not sure if it is to do with the weight of my bed platform or what, but I cannot get it to work. I need to try to ramp up my speed but that will be for another night.

    Pics below of the setup with terrible dark photos.

    Power supply.jpg
    MeanWell 24v 360W PSU with Mounts I modified for the build

    Z axis motor.jpg
    Z-axis motor

    Full Printer.jpg

    Showing the CoreXY setup
    Back of Gantry.jpg

    CoreXY Rear.jpg

    CoreXY Side.jpg

    Duet Wifi.jpg
    Duet Wifi with an AC SSR mounted
    SSR heatsink.jpg

  • I believe the Z axis needs to have the guide rails moved closer to the screws. It might also be a good idea to remove the bearings from the top of the lead screws.

  • linear rails are not meant to be used without support. especially mgn12 ones.

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