WIP CoreXY with heated chamber

  • I am working on Core XY which needed to have a certain specification, this is my first build ever:

    • 1 Z-axis for simplicity and clean look;
    • Build volume 300x250x300;
    • Heated Chamber 70C;
    • Dual extrusion mainly for water-soluble supports;
    • AC heated bed - 500W
    • Charcoal filtration
    • Hotend - 450C with PT100
    • Fully enclosed machine with Electronic compartment and PanelDue 7"
    • BL touch for now - later Metrol as they are rated 80C+
    • Water Cooled hot end - Chimera
    • DuetWifi main electronic
    • Dual Bondtech Extruders used as a Bowden
    • Able to print PEEK/PEI/PSU small objects of ~70x70x50mm
    • Magnetic build plate from Filafarm with Filaprint surface
    • All printed parts would be replaced with milled Aluminium, I am already close to this stage as I am happy how everything working out so I can continue without worries 🙂

    The whole build itself comes out fairly aligned from the begining, minor tweaks required to achieve 100x100mm cube printed with 100.06x100.4mm - which is sufficient I think.

    What is left to think about:

    My bed is fairly plane and BL touch does a great job I can print around the whole bed with a consistent width. What worrying me is it would be the same with a bigger object which has more weight 1kg+? I do have 16mm rods and 8mm trapezium lead screw, would it be better to put 12mm trapezium lead screw, or I am losing resolution this way?

    The filtration system, how to heat a chamber and control temperature, would it be enough 70C for PEI/PEEK/PSU. I saw a thread on ultimaker forum that somebody able to print those filaments with a 60C air temperature, small objects.

    Dual extrusion doesn't really work as I expected - maybe my tool change files should be adjusted properly. But it does leak then it switching tool then it goes to continue print - but I think this is just spending more time on tweaking feed rates and pressure advance.

    Still figuring out how to properly make a sealed front door.

    Capture1.JPG Capture.JPG

    IMG_5799.JPEG IMG_5790.JPEG IMG_5766.JPEG IMG_5217.JPEG
    More images are here
    https://share.icloud.com/photos/0IlRflbX9F36zVsQBYKDJEOog - feel free to always check it as it will update with new images as I have new stuff to share 🙂

    If somebody has critics or comments please share knowledge and experience!

  • Nice design.
    How are you heating the chamber? I use IR to heat the part you are printing.
    i have modified a delta printer for printing PEEK, PEKK and ultem. The heated chamber needs to be 100 degrees plus to reduce the thermal stresses whilst printing or you have to anneal your plastic parts .

  • @andornot

    Thank you!

    I was planning to heat chamber with silicone pad from let's say keenovo attached to the heatsink 250x250mm mounted somewhere on the left side and use a fan to blow air around. But still open to ideas.

    How did you control IR lamp? What wattage was of the lamp? I am thinking about what it can overheat some parts on the gantry? Does it need to be above 100 degrees if I am not planning to print big objects with it? Thanks!

  • I use 500w keenovo heater for the heated bed. Ir setup is two 300w ir strip lamps but i am adding another two to ensure all the print bed is covered. These intend to be controlled by phase angle controller with PWM input and thermocouple on the print head, but currently they are controlled manually. All parts (will be all parts) either shiny or covered by shiny parts to reflect the ir. Picture below:


  • @andornot

    That looks great!
    In this way, I would need to think about how to shield moving gantry from IR light or somehow focus an IR only on build plate... tough, especially when the bed is always moving or wrap whole set with hotends into reflective foil? 🙂

  • @felt342 sorry i forgot you had a moving bed, much easier on a delta. You could possibly use ir bulbs mounted off the bed.

  • @andornot

    Yes I do like this method with IR as it cheap to try and easy to assemble to see how it works.

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