PanelDue beeping? Confused.

  • I brought my KosselMini to school to show my teacher, everything worked at home.

    Am I required to be connected to a network every time I want to use this? I thought the add-on board was a UI that did not have to rely on a network…why is my screen beeping like crazy at me and not responding to any of my touch inputs??

    I cannot connect to the network at school because they are stupid. I have files on my sd card on the sd card local to the duet wifi. Why can't I see them? Why can't I do anything?

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    You certainly should be able to use it without connecting to the wifi network.

    Is a message coming up on the PanelDue?

    An option is to comment out the M552 command in config.g temporarily. or send M552 S0, either of these will disable the wifi


    It just beeps continuously. I am so confused, I'm thinking of just reflashing the firmware.

  • Is there anything pressing on the screen?

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    If it's beeping continously then either the Duet is executing a stream of M300 commands (unlikely), or something is pressing on the screen, or something is shorting the touch screen connections on the TFT panel or on the PanelDue controller board, or the TFT panel is faulty.

  • No, the screen is completely unresponsive.

    The is nothing pressing on the screen. As far as checking it visually, I cannot detect anything that would cause it to short. The 4.3 and 5 inch are 5V and the 7 is 3.3v, assuming I read your blog post accurately, so that shouldn't be an issue. I tried powering it through my board and separately and disconnected the power into the paneldue when I did that. I have a 600W ATX P/S so it should be more than enough.

    How would I check if it is repeatedly sending M300 commands? Nothing is displayed in the console and I am running latest firmware on both paneldue and duet wifi. I know the wires I made up are good solid connections because I checked before I attached them to anything.

    I might contact Filastruder today then if I can rule out my incompetence being the issue.

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    The 3.3V/5V jumper should be set to 3.3V for all screen sizes, unless you are using the ITEAD screens, which nobody uses because they cost more.

  • Hmm sooo would I destroy something if it was….hypothetically....on 5V for a couple seconds....or minutes?

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    Hmm sooo would I destroy something if it was….hypothetically....on 5V for a couple seconds....or minutes?

    Possibly, the touch driver chip on the panel is rated at 3.6V absolute maximum. Although I've heard of a user getting away with running a 3.3V display with the jumper set to 5V before. In any event, it sounds to me that the touch panel or touch driver chip on the TFT panel is faulty.

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