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  • Hi, I've just converted my cartesian printer from Marlin/Ramps to Duet. All wiring has been checked for continuity and is okay. There were some initial issues as I upgraded to the latest firmware (3.0) and then used the configurator which generated deprecated commands. After dropping it back to v2.05.1 (I'll upgrade when I've got everything working) end stops and BLTouch appear to be working correctly however when trying to home an axis e.g. X the command G28 X returns the message "Use to set up your printer config" followed by error G28 failed. I have used the configurator, I can't find out why G28 is failing. It's probably something very simple but it's driving me nuts, any help would be appreciated.

  • Solved.. There was an M501 at the bottom of config.g which was causing the issue.

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    @robinm said in New setup problem:

    Glad you resolved your issue, though I'm not sure why M501, or the contents of the config-override.g, would affect homing.

    used the configurator which generated deprecated commands

    Can you let us know what the problem was with the RRF config tool? Are you sure you chose '3.0 or later (stable)' on the General > Firmware version option?


  • @droftarts if you check "Read config-override.g file at end of startup process" on the "General" tab, it adds the M501 to config.g but does not create an empty config-override.g so until you have manually created it it throws an error. Can't remember the exact error message sorry, but I remember thinking it was a strange message.

    I realised there was no config-override.g when I went through the process of creating and uploading a config for the first setup of my Duet3.

  • @droftarts You're right I didn't select the later firmware in the configurator, noob mistake I'm afraid....

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