Replaced HotEnd Heater wire and Thermister now faults.

  • Duet2wifi v2

    I replaced the Hotend Heater ceramic cartidge wire(same type) and thermistor cartridge wire(same type) and when I attempt to heat the hotend i get this error.

    Error: Heating fault on heater 1 temperature rising much more slowly than expected 1.7C/sec.

    Now Bed won't heat either.

    I also updated firmware to 3.0 then fell back to 2.5 which its currently on.

  • Either your new heater is defective or the new thermistor is defective.
    The defect could be as simple as a bad wire connection.
    Don't forget to re-run the heater tuning (even though you say it's the same type)

    Bed is likely shut off because of the heater error.

    Measure resistance from the Duet to heater connections with the heating wires disconnected at the controller. You should see a fairly low resistance (around 10-12 ohm if it is a 40W 12V heater).

    Do the same thing with the sensor at room temperature - you should see around 100k for resistance.

  • When you upgraded from RRF2 to RRF3 did you re-do your config.g file ? There is a substantial change involved.
    When you reverted back to RRF2, did you revert the config.g changes as well ?

  • @chriskimbr

    1. What initial temperature value is displayed (either in DWC or on the PanelDue) for the thermistor you rewired?
    2. Disconnect the heater from the Duet. What resistance do you get when you measure the heater at this connector?
    3. Verify the cabling of your bed heater.
    4. If you don’t get any insight from these steps, double-check the assignment of bed heater, hot end and its thermistor to the Duet ports in your config.g.
    5. If all this doesn’t help, please post your config.g.

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