12v to w24v heating

    I have. A cr10-s5 Some timen ago i asked if one could change the voltage on a stock cr10s5. If you remove the build platform you will see 4 solder connections indicating that there might be two coils
    Leading one to think that the change is possable from 12v to 24v. Im sad to report ( at least on my machien ) it is not an option ..the pads are paired and can not be wired in seires. For those that would like to heat a little faster looking at a complete reolacment of your heating pad is the most likely going to be the only option. Sorry guys but no cheep fix here. Thanks for your input. its not often we get this level of support keep up the good work and thanks duet for a great product

  • I don't know about your S5 but mine had a heat pad covering only about half the build plate. Even if you could put the coils in series, it would be a bad idea. To do things properly, replace the standard heat pad (which is way underpowered to begin with) with a full sized mains heated pad (use thermal fuse as safety).
    I have a 1200W unit which is just about right for that size of bed. Control it with an SSR and wire the original heat output to drive the SSR control side.