Very confused about specs accuracy Wifi vs Ethernet

  • Hey everyone. I'm looking to buy a small run of 100+ boards. I'm very very confused about the specs. They simply seem to not match the raw files downloaded from github!

    "The Duet Ethernet is identical to the Duet WiFi except that the WiFi module is replaced by an Ethernet module."
    The picture also makes it clear in no uncertain terms that Ethernet = wifi board , everything the same other than the wifi module.

    But when we look at the source files we find tons of differences, including the main chip is M3 cortex (0.8.5) vs M4 for wifi (1.0.2). What are we doing wrong?

    Also there seem to be missing parts in the BOM, which make it difficult or impossible to order:
    TimeStamp = /50523307/5075E99F;
    Reference = S1;
    ValeurCmp = RESET;
    IdModule = SW_SIDE_1;

    Help appreciated.

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    The links to all the source files are on the wiki:

    The Ethernet files on github are for the Ethernet module, I have updated the wiki page to make that clearer.

    If you have a look here:

    You will see that the Wifi/Ethernet modules are mounted on the Duet main board.

    The Duet 0.8.5 is an older design.

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