Stallguard2 and Coolstep

  • Hi,

    I would like to have stallguard2 and coolstep configured on my machine. The intention is not to use sensorless homing but to have adaptable current delivered to the steppers so that they only take as much current as needed not to miss steps at any given speed/torque.

    I have been looking around the forum and seen some info here and there but not enough for me to understand how to configure it. I don't know much about gcode yet 🙂

    My stepper motors are from stepperonline:

    Manufacturer Part Number 23HM22-2804S
    Motor Type Bipolar Stepper
    Step Angle 0.9 deg
    Holding Torque 1.26Nm(
    Rated Current/phase 2.8A
    Phase Resistance 0.9ohms
    Recommended Driving Voltage 24-48V
    Inductance 4.5mH±20%(1KHz)

    I am using them on openbuilds C-beam linear actuators with leadscrew :

    Lead Screw Diameter 8mm
    Pitch 2mm
    Lead 8mm
    Starts 4

    My current settings are:

    microstepping 16x
    steps 800steps/mm
    speed 3600mm/m

    Can anyone help me to configure this features?


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    I assume you are using a Duet WiFi or Duet Ethernet. I suggest you start by reading chapter 5 of the datasheet,

  • Hi dc42, thank you for your reply. I am using a duet wifi.

    I have read the trinamic chapter 5 and noticed also that I had to start by tuning ''stallGuard2 threshold level SGT''. But the level of info provided does not allow me to advance I guess.

    I was looking for a more practical approach on how to do this, like a walkthrough maybe. I know people have more to do than attend singular requests, but maybe someone that had done this in the past could help me out?

    Maybe an example of a working configuration plus specifications or just the highlights of the steps to take?

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    @Jooandre This thread may help:

    Read the Trinamic documentation @dc42 linked above.
    Use M915 S and T parameters to configure Stallguard and Coolstep. The T paramater is a "16-bit unsigned integer".
    Use the information from table "6.7 coolStep Control Register (SMARTEN)" in the Trinamic documentation to set the T parameter, but you will need to finely tune Stallguard first (there are plenty of threads about this on the forum). Bear in mind this will change if you change other motor settings, so tune those first.

    There's really not much documentation on Coolstep, and each machine's setup will be different, so you'll need to experiment to find what works for your machine. The only forum post I could find with someone trying it out was this one:

    Please do report back; it would be great to add a bit on Coolstep to


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