Status update on my corexy (with video)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'll be using this topic to keep the status of my corexy up to date including the testing and perhaps eventually make it opensource and put out a BOM.

    Current state:

    • Duet Wifi 2
    • Duex 5
    • 24V 21A meanwell psu
    • 3 independent 47mm 5kg stepper for the Z with 1m tr8x8 rods
    • 3 x 60cm linear rails for the Z mgn12h
    • 2 x 60cm linear rails for the Y mgn12h
    • 1 x 60cm linear rail for the X mgn 12h
    • 2 x 47mm 5kg steppers for the X&Y
    • 1 x 38mm stepper for the extruder
    • MicroSwiss full metal hotend (for the CR10s pro)
    • 2 gear extruder (from the CR10s pro) hacked so it mounts on my custom aly carriage plate
    • custom alu carriage plate for direct drive
    • GT2 pulley and belt system
    • kinematic coupling (maxwell criterion) for the bed with 3030 extrusion on a m8 round head nut.

    First prints were better than expected.
    Here's a video of the auto bed leveling/tramming/z tilt (it's got some Duet advertising at the start 😄 )
    alt text

  • Looks very good.

    What are the springs for?

  • @zapta The springs keep the kinematic coupling under constant pressure.

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