Extruder acceleration tuning

  • I've got a BMG extruder. As you can see in the photo, the first 8mm is very smooth, but as you go up, acceleration ghosting becomes more and more visible. I increased the speed a few times. The beginning was max of 30mm/sec, the next tier is 40, after that it goes to 60, then 70.

    The object is a low poly cylinde, maybe 36 sides. It's about 30mm in diameter.

    The extruder is 3100 steps/mm at x64 microstepping.

    Any ideas on how to smooth the extrusion? I don't have m572 enabled.


  • picture?

  • Is there a reason you are using 64x microstepping? You would most likely be better off using 16x with interpolation. What is your extruder instantaneous speed change setting? etc...

    Best to post up your config.g since this isn't necessarily an issue with the extruder but could be other things with the printer that can cause this.

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