Conditional logic

  • I just upgraded to RRF 3.01 and would like to start playing around a bit with conditional logic. I have no clue what I am doing so I need to find documentation on all the new and wondrous things that can be done. There are two parts to the needed documentation: 1) documentation of all the variables and all the operations possible
    2) Something written for the great unwashed that explains how all this works with examples.
    Since all of this is still very much in flux, I am wondering if this documentation (or some sort of start of it) exists?

    There seem to be tidbits here and there but I have not found anything that pulls these tidbits together into some sort of coherent tutorial or reference manual.

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  • Thanks, I think I am not ready for playing with this. Hopefully I will pick up a little bit here and there from code posted with questions.

  • @jens55 I'm with you on this. I hadn't heard of an object model until @dc42 introduced the concept. I had to do an internet search to find out what one is. Maybe it's a prerequisite that us non-writers of code educate ourselves in order to understand the terminology but right now, I just don't have the time to do that. It would be enormously beneficial if someone could put together a layman's guide.

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    I think this will come out as specific examples by people to achieve an aim/ solve a problem.

    E.g. probe a bed and if its sufficient out of "true" then rather than using mesh compensation, throw an error and wait for the user to level it a bit better.

    If you don't have a pressing need for it then worth waiting for cool examples (which might feed the need to experiment!)

    I hope to have some examples for my toolchanger when i get a chance to actually get back to working on it!

  • @T3P3Tony I guess we can always pose questions along the lines of - "This is what I want to do - how do I do it?" Do you think that a new category - "Example conditional gcode" might be a useful? I think David proposed something similar for github but not all of us know our way around that.

  • A new category to have the information collected in one area is an excellent idea!

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