BLtouch doesn't drop probe on power on RRF3/duetwifi

  • Is there something I'm missing in firmware or is the BLtouch crapping out? I have to pull the pin down & reset power and then on next power on I hear it click and test itself.

    If I forget and home, homing actually does start even though the probe didn't drop.

  • Do you have deployprobe.g (M280 P0 S10) and retractprobe.g (
    M280 P0 S90) set up?

  • sure do!

  • Could the pin be sticking? I run into that but only rarely.
    If you power cycle the printer, does the pin drop without manually pulling it down first ?
    I am afraid that this is as far as my experience goes. I do know that sometimes a sticky pin has to be removed and cleaned and sometimes it needs adjusting with the little screw on the top but I am not the right person to advise on either of those procedures.

  • True BLTouch or clone ?

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    In addition to the above, check the wiring for intermittent connection. It's a very common problem.

  • It's a true BLtouch, not a clone. If I cold power on, the pin doesn't drop. If I turn off, pull the pin and then power back on the pin drops/resets (hear it click). It's so weird.

    I'll double-check all the wiring. Once it's working after pulling it down and power cycling, it seems to work even on a 20 point bed level.

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    Does it respond properly to M401 and M402 to deploy and retract the pin?

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