Demoing Duet 3 machine without internet?

  • Our prototype uses a Duet3 / RPi combo along with a PanelDue. Since the PanelDue cannot yet read the RPi’s SD card, it makes demoing without internet very difficult. I’ve been told this issue will be resolved in a coming release.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to easily circumvent this? I have a demo scheduled in two days and am looking for any good work around. I may try using my cell as a WiFi access point but am unsure if my laptop will be able to find the RPi..

  • Can you not just hook up a monitor and mouse to the RPi? You could also give both the RPi and your laptop static IP addresses and just hook them together with an ethernet cable.

  • If you are running the pi with the gui I suggest just plugging in a monitor keyboard and mouse into the Pi. This way you have the web interface that you can fully demonstrate. Personally I find the Panel useless for the Duet3 and Im looking into HDMI panel replacements.

  • Hmm.. I might try using a small switch to connect my laptop to the pi directly vs lugging a monitor around. Thanks- I’ve been focused on trying to do this wirelessly.

  • @gfisher said in Demoing Duet 3 machine without internet?:

    small switch to connect my laptop

    Most modern laptops have auto-sense for ethernet crossover. Try it, you may not need the switch.

  • If you have a windows laptop with wifi you can simply "share internet" with the ethernet and plug that into the PI. It's quite simple to do.
    What Danal says is also true. If that not work you can buy a special cross cable made for point-to-point connection without a switch.

  • @gfisher said in Demoing Duet 3 machine without internet?:

    ...vs lugging a monitor around. ...

    Just ordered a £30 HDMI touch screen from ebay. No larger than PanelDue.

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    @gfisher unless you particularly need the features of the RPi for the demo, you could disconnect it, run the Duet 3 in standalone mode, and the PanelDue should work correctly. Just make sure all your config and Gcode files are on the SD card in the Duet.


  • @bondus This turned out to be the simplest solution... thanks!

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