General GPIO input values visible in the object model? Analog?

  • Pins have names in RRF3, nice.

    Can the values from input pins be seen/read in the object mode for use in conditional GCODE?

    I can see that you can define input pins with M950 but there is no mention of analog pins. Of course it has to be an analog input pin for this to work.

    What I want to do is to hook up a potentiometer, or some other analog sensor, to get an absolute, but poor resolution, position of where the arms are on my five bar scara. Homing can be a bit tricky. The arms needs to be untangled to reach a proper endstop while at the same time avoiding mechanically unreachable positions.

    I'm sure there are other useful scenarios for reading a pin.

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    Analog inputs are not yet included in the object model.

  • This post is deleted!

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