Connecting Duet3D to RPi4 with to proceed?

  • Hello Folks, this is another basement level basic question. I have the Duet3d 6HC and RPi4 in a Pi4 case with fan. It looks like trying to connect the ribbon cable between the DUET3d and the Pi4 requires disconnecting the Pi4 Cooling fan since it uses pin locations the ribbon cable requires. So, where does the fan need to be connected after this change. Plz see photo.
    thanks so much!

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    To be honest, you don't really need the fan at all. I'd run without and see if you are actually getting any throttling. If it becomes an issue you could wire a separate fan directly to the Duet.

  • The simplest is to connect the fan to the Duet. Either straight to a 5V output or between a 5V output and a Fan- output.

    Alternatively you can make your own cable between the Duet and the Pi, if you feel comfortable feeding the Pi with only 1 5V line from the Duet.

  • I'd go without the fan to start.

    Being fanless is one of the huge advantages of a Pi. I run all of mine without fans, except one that is in a CNC machine in the shop that is only partially climate controlled. And that one is a pain... replacing fan fairly often. Dust.

  • or you could use a FanShim works extremely well and doesn't interfere with the expansion header


  • Thank you all! Looks like I can proceed without a fan initially. The FanShim looks real interesting.

  • @Jim46 it is really quite nice and thermostatically controlled as well but you would have to remove those heatsinks!