New to Duet and Reprap with questions

  • I'm coming over from Marlin, I've ordered a Sec-kit core xy printer that I have not received due to coronavirus. So while I wait I've set up my duet 3 board on the bench to get familiar with it.
    This is what I've done so far. Install duet pie image, connect to the duet web interface. Use web config tool, set up for core xy.
    I've added two thermistors to temp 0 and temp 1. I have been able to use code M308 to get bed heater 0 to display the correct temperature. I cannot get tool 0 to display temperature. I've read about the M308 and the M950 command I've used nill to free the pin and re entered using this, M308 S1 p"temp1" Y"thermistor" R2230 ; configure sensor 1 as thermistor on pin temp1 and used M500 to save. The odd thing is That when I run an M503 command after running the above command the old parameters for either thermistor has not changed even though sensor 0 temp 0 is reporting correctly. I have attached the config fileconfig.json

  • Config.json is an artifact of the online tool that creates the first config. It is NOT used by the running printer.

    Also, you do not normally use M500 to save the configuration; it saves a specific list of things in file config-override.g (and those have to be reloaded... long story). For now, until you absorb more about regular old config.g, forget that M500 and M501 and similar even exist.

    Please post your config.g

  • Config Gconfig.g

  • Will do on M500, M501

  • Hmmm... that looks OK to me.

    Is tool 0 showing up in the web interface? And if so, showing what value?

  • It says N/A

  • Ah... is there a sensor physically plugged in? The web interface will say N/A on values until it gets its first reading.

  • Yes both temp 0 and temp 1, two 3950 thermistors connected, I just now went out to the garage and swapped temp 0 and temp1 thermistors with no change.

  • screen shot.jpg

  • Interesting. I don't see anything wrong in the config. I'd expect to see -273.1 if nothing was connected.

    N/A implies the Web stuff running in the browser (javascript) is not seeing a "key" in the json that is periodically returned. The object model. Again, though, I don't see anything that would prevent that.

    Perhaps someone with sharper eyes will catch it when they look at that config.g.

    If it helps in any way, here is a working config for a mult-tool printer. You can look at the sensor and heater and tool definitions and see if you see anything that helps.

    Jubilee Config.g

  • Hey thanks for that, getting late here. I'll pick up on it tomorrow.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Was able to get the temperature to display by editing the config.g file directly and rebooting.

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