Brakes on Stepper Motors

  • Hi All,

    I realise this topic has been raised a couple of times before with various solutions being put on the table namely worm gears and firmware changes.

    What I would like to know is if anyone has had any success operating brakes on stepper motors without making firmware changes? I'm using the Duet 2 eco system with the DUEX 5 expansion board.

    I'm planning on driving two Nema 17 with friction brakes. These brakes require a always on 24V signal to disengage. The plan was to get the 24V through a Mosfet Board.

    Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.



  • Could use the PS_ON pin and ensure M80 is at the end of your config.g?

    If you did get a heater fault the steppers could be commanded to drive against the brakes.

  • @DocTrucker are you referring to what would happen if I did what you suggested in your striked through comment?

  • Yeah, don't do what I suggested! 😄

  • There is already an enable signal going to the motor drivers; this could be used for disengaging the brake as well i recon?

    You'll have to solder to get to the signals (for the duex you might get away with a splice on the 50pin ribbon)

  • @bearer I'll try it and give feedback.

  • Btw, just realized there is a common enable signal for all the drivers if that makes a difference.

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