Duet 2 wifi with DuetPi

  • Can a Duet 2 wifi be used with DuetPi? The instructions talk about Duet3 but it doesn't say that it is not possible with the Duet2 wifi!


  • Currently no. The Pi communicates with the Duet3 using the SPI bus which on the Duet2s is used by the network modules. The Duet3D team is thinking about how to make it work but it probably won't be soon.

  • While the only difference between the Duet 2 Wifi and the Duet 2 Ethernet is the network module, the Wifi is soldered in place and the Ethernet is plugged in so unless you can desolder the Wifi module you cannot use the Duet 2 Wifi with a single board computer like the Raspberry Pi even after the Duet 2 fimware supports this.

    (Maaaaybe you could make up a Wifi Firmware that simply leaves the SPI bus unused and then solder on some wires to make up the connection to the Raspberry Pi, but you'll have to wait and see what the community comes up for retrofitting I guess. New boards will be the Ethernet without Ethernet until they redesign it from whats been posted so far)

  • I only have a Duet2 Ethernet so I didn't know the Wifi module was soldered in. Good to know.

  • The LPC Port of reprapfirmware has a very hacky but working version of duetpi connected to a board via SPI

  • Thanks Jay! Is there information on this anywhere?

  • Might find something over at the LPC port https://github.com/sdavi/RepRapFirmware

    Mind you it'll likely not solve the problem of removing or disabling your wifi module (not to mention LPC binaries will not work Duet boards with Atmel microcontrollers)

  • Curious what your goal is? There may be another way...

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