Macro doesnt work!

  • Hello together!

    I am new here and this is also my first hevo which i am building and my first duet 2 wifi board ever...

    so please be forgiving if I do something wrong or something is my mistake

    I create a Macro called "Motoren deaktivieren" and in this Macro i put the M84 command!
    After Saving and exeuting the macro i can move to axis, so this was successfully!

    BUT, if i write comments in the macro like this:
    M84 #Motoren deaktivieren

    and save & execute this again, nothing will be happen.
    No error or other, but i also can NOT move the Axis?

    what is wrong here?

    I am Using a DUet 2 Wifi with the lates 2.x Firmware and the latest Webfirmware from Github!

    Thanks & Kind Regards

  • @xenon2008 said in Macro doesnt work!:

    M84 #Motoren deaktivieren

    you have to use a semicolon for the commend try M84 ;Motoren deaktivieren

  • ohhhh! thanks, i will try it as soon as the current printing is finished. my first xy calibration cube * I'm proud *

    do I need a semicolon for all commands?

  • the semicolon is used to indicate that whatever follows, until the end of the line, is a comment

  • okay thank you very much for the quick and friendly answer 😃

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