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  • Some Help Please, I've been at this for 3 days !!
    Wiring is sound,
    Fan 0 Part cooling
    Fan 1 Hot end

    I cannot make the part cooling fan work.
    If I swap connections the part cooling fan works but the hot end, hot end fan and LED's on the smart effector will not.

    This is driving me spare, any assistance would be appreciated.

    ; Configuration file for Duet Maestro (firmware version 2.03)
    ; executed by the firmware on start-up
    ; generated by RepRapFirmware Configuration Tool v2.1.8 on Sat Mar 21 2020 22:23:28 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)

    ; General preferences
    G90 ; send absolute coordinates...
    M83 ; ...but relative extruder moves
    M550 P"Predator" ; set printer name
    M665 R227 L440.42 B85 H410 ; Set delta radius, diagonal rod length, printable radius and homed height
    M666 X0 Y0 Z0 ; put your endstop adjustments here, or let auto calibration find them

    ; Network
    M552 P0.0.0.0 S1 ; enable network and acquire dynamic address via DHCP
    M586 P0 S1 ; enable HTTP
    M586 P1 S0 ; disable FTP
    M586 P2 S0 ; disable Telnet

    ; Drives
    M569 P0 S0 ; physical drive 0 goes backwards
    M569 P1 S0 ; physical drive 1 goes backwards
    M569 P2 S0 ; physical drive 2 goes backwards
    M569 P3 S0 ; physical drive 3 goes backwards
    M584 X0 Y1 Z2 E3 ; set drive mapping
    M350 E16 I0 ; configure microstepping without interpolation
    M350 X16 Y16 Z16 I1 ; configure microstepping with interpolation
    M92 X160.00 Y160.00 Z160.00 E436.54 ; set steps per mm
    M566 X1200.00 Y1200.00 Z1200.00 E1200.00 ; set maximum instantaneous speed changes (mm/min)
    M203 X18000.00 Y18000.00 Z18000.00 E1200.00 ; set maximum speeds (mm/min)
    M201 X1000.00 Y1000.00 Z1000.00 E1000.00 ; set accelerations (mm/s^2)
    M906 X1000 Y1000 Z1000 E800 I30 ; set motor currents (mA) and motor idle factor in per cent
    M84 S30 ; Set idle timeout

    ; Axis Limits
    M208 Z0 S1 ; set minimum Z

    ; Endstops
    M574 X2 Y2 Z2 S1 ; set active high endstops

    ; Z-Probe
    M558 P8 R0.4 F1200 ; set Z probe type to effector and the dive height + speeds
    M558 H30 ;*** Remove this line after delta calibration has been done and new delta parameters have been saved
    G31 P100 X0 Y0 Z-0.1 ; set Z probe trigger value, offset and trigger height
    M557 R85 S20 ; define mesh grid

    ; Heaters
    M305 P0 T100000 B4138 R2200 ; set thermistor + ADC parameters for heater 0
    M143 H0 S120 ; set temperature limit for heater 0 to 120C
    M305 P1 T100000 B4725 C7.060000e-8 R2200 ; set thermistor + ADC parameters for heater 1
    M143 H1 S300 ; set temperature limit for heater 1 to 300C

    ; Fans
    M106 P0 S0 I0 F500 H-1 ; set fan 0 value, PWM signal inversion and frequency. Thermostatic control is turned off
    M106 P1 S1 I0 F500 H1 T45 ; set fan 1 value, PWM signal inversion and frequency. Thermostatic control is turned on

    ; Tools
    M563 P0 D0 H1 F0 ; define tool 0
    G10 P0 X0 Y0 Z0 ; set tool 0 axis offsets
    G10 P0 R0 S0 ; set initial tool 0 active and standby temperatures to 0C

    ; Custom settings are not defined

    ; Miscellaneous
    M501 ; load saved parameters from non-volatile memory
    M911 S10 R11 P"M913 X0 Y0 G91 M83 G1 Z3 E-5 F1000" ; set voltage thresholds and actions to run on power loss

  • Can you paste the results of M115, please.

    So you cannot control the fan from DWC using the slider?
    The fan works directly connected to the PSU?

    Try taking the F500 out of that line, it will make it use the default PWM frequency of 250
    From the GCode bible
    The F parameter sets the fan PWM frequency, in Hz. The default is F250, which works with most fans, Try F100 or lower if you find that you can't control the speed of your fan.


  • Sounds to me like you have borked (technical term) the fan 0 output.
    I don't know if the Maestro has extra fan outputs but if it does, I would use one of those spare outputs and see if you can get it going that way. If that works then it is likely a defective output FET on the fan 0 line.

  • Hi Paul many thanks for your reply,

    FIRMWARE_NAME: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 Maestro FIRMWARE_VERSION: 2.05.1 ELECTRONICS: Duet Maestro 1.0 FIRMWARE_DATE: 2020-02-09b1

    Fan works fine connected to PSU

    On Fan 0 the Fan does not work at all.
    If I connect it to Fan 1 it works and I can control the speed with the slider in DWC
    However the hot end ,hot end fan and LED's on the smart effector does not work on Fan 0

    I can change the Part cooling fan to Fan 2 and it works but is really under powered.

    Thanks Kenny.

  • administrators

    @KennyC said in Fan Config Maestro:

    I can change the Part cooling fan to Fan 2 and it works but is really under powered.

    Do you have the voltage select jumper for Fan 2 set to the correct position? On the Maestro, fan 2 is separately selectable between VIN and 5V.

  • @dc42

    Many Thanks for that, Nope I had not, Thankfully now working,
    Any Thoughts on why Fan 0 is inop?
    Thanks Kenny.

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