Uneven/bulging layers

  • Getting uneven layers/bulging layers printing with PLA (not tried anything other). Vasemode gies perfect prints.
    I'm little lost here, could it be because of long bowden tube? (~1meter) Do I need more cooling? I do have two 40mm fans directed on the model.
    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

    I have a DIY printer with kraken hotend and titan extruders controlled by duet ethernet. The frame is a very sturdy milled alu frame and all axes have THK square linear rails.
    20200331_130746.jpg 20200331_130851.jpg 20200331_130945.jpg

  • Vase mode prints in one direction only. Regular prints move the head in both directions. Which is why you see issues when printing regular prints.

    I would say this is a backlash type mechanical issue. Check for loose pulleys, belts, ect.

    Could also need to be tuned with pressure advance to compensate for the long bowden tube.

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