Black 1.75mm ABS that prints shiny.

  • My stash of Sainsmart black ABS has ran out and no longer available it seems, even straight from them. Except for an old roll of Hatchbox, no other brand I have tried in the last couple years printed with a shiny surface. Anyway, long story short, does anyone have a lead on Black 1.75mm ABS that prints well and leaves a shiny surface?

  • @Coffee a quick wipe with a paper towel that has a couple drops of acetone on it will instantly shine the surface of ABS.

  • For those who may find it useful, I found that Kodak brand ABS (for the black at least) prints with even more shine than Sainsmart!

  • @Coffee , aren't the layer lines more visible with a shiny filament?

    I typically look for matte filaments e.g. from Matteforge, because the surface looks cleaner.

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