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  • Hi All,

    While fitting a Bondtech extruder to my E3 Pro tonight, I foolishly pulled the plug from the extruder motor while powered up (it was inactive and I thought nothing of it until I'd done it) and sure enough, dead extruder driver.

    I've got a Duet Wifi board here, and I see people are fitting the Maestro to the E3.

    Is it a difficult brain transplant and does the basic jog dial screen still work?

    Bloody frustrating as I should have known better. Am I better off getting a maestro?

    Cheers in advance for any help.

  • A Duet Wifi will work, and generally can be set up following roughly the Ender 3 and Maestro guide from the wiki.

    On the Duet Wifi the display will not work without additional effort, see this thread for current efforts.

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    The MAestro pairs really nicely with the Ender 3 pro, but if you already have a wifi sitting around idle, might as well.

    The main differences from that guide are the cutouts needs for the case, the bracket needed to mount it in the case, BLTouch setup is a bit different. Max motor currents are higher on the Wifi, but won't come into play with the stock motors. The rest is basically the same.

  • OK,

    Thanks guys.

    I'd rather use the maestro, as I'm not up for messing around trying to make the display work.

    Now to find where I can buy one...

  • As it goes, I'd gotten my wires crossed...literally.

    It turns out that the 2 center wires need to be reversed in the stepper motor plug on the wiring loom for the Bondtech BMG extruder pancake stepper to work.

    While I did pull the plug with the power on, it was after the print had finished so I'm assuming the stepper was powered down anyway.

    On top of that, when I tried the original stepper again it didn't work due to the fact that the hot end had cooled down, therefore not allowing the extruder stepper to activate. It was late at night and I'd just plain forgot about heating the hot end.

    The next day I checked the steppers with a multimeter and realized the difference in the 2 motors, swapped the wires and heated up the hot end, and now it's all good.

    Very good in fact. My first try of the Bondtech, and I'm quite impressed with it.

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