Bed temp short - cannot locate

  • There is a short in my bed temperature sensor but I haven't been able to locate it. I played with the connector to the bed and i cant find a short. tugged and shoot the wiring harness all the way back to the control board and its still stable. put pressure on the bed temperature connector on the duet and still stable. Everything else on this work but I cannot locate the source of this particular problem. It's been getting worse of the course of the week. I cannot find the source of this problem.


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    As the temperature is dropping to a low value, it's probably not a short, just a bad connection. If it is a short, it's probably between one of the thermistor wires and some metalwork.

  • I changed the bed thermistor connector over to E0 on the duet. Not only was my duet unable to heat a bed anymore, but it couldn't read either! For whatever reason, it was damaged while powering my delta. The rest of the board seems okay though so I'm just offloading things that don't work to a spare duex I have. Sorry I created this post without testing the hardware more thoroughly first.

  • The temperature graph could, in addition to an intermittent short, also indicate a defective thermistor.

  • Well, it's still messed up. Heater fault on an overnight print. It seems to only happen during long prints.

    The thermistor is integrated into the plate and is covered in a sticky foam. I might be able to pry and shove a regular thermistor on a wire under all that. It shouldn't be hot enough to damage the wire, right?

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