Heater Faults hours into print (Temp Excursion....)

  • Been reading a lot of the posts here trying to figure this out. My e3d heater keeps faulting, almost exactly in the same place on my print, about 2.5 hours into print. Printing PLA @ 230, the fan has been on since layer 2.

    Board: Duet WiFi 1.02 or later + DueX5
    Firmware: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet 2.05.1 (2020-02-09b1)
    Duet WiFi Server Version: 1.23

    Checked my wiring.
    Captured my graph. There is a little "blip" @ 12:39 on the graph. After the blip, the temperature reading starts slowly droping for unknown reason. At 12:44 the temp finally reaches 215 (15deg below setpoint) which causes my fault.
    Any ideas?

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    What is it about that point of the print?

    Is there a lot of bridging that would have the cooling fan on a full power that could cause the temp to drop?

    Do you have a sillicone sock on the nozzle?
    Did you PID tune the hotend with the fan running?

  • @btmcmahan said in Heater Faults hours into print (Temp Excursion....):

    Any ideas?

    No, I'm just now installing a silicone sock. My PID tune did not have the fan running. I'm re-tuning this afternoon.
    But, I don't know why "that particular point" in the print. Its putting down the first top shell layer. But it's been printing steadily for nearly 3 hours before this occurs.

    Something about that blip...

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    @btmcmahan said in Heater Faults hours into print (Temp Excursion....):

    Its putting down the first top shell layer.

    That could be causing a lot more air to deflect back up onto the block causing the temp to drop.

    Using a silicone sock and tuning PID while you have the fan on will help avoid this in future.

  • @Phaedrux
    Dang. Never thought of that.

  • This looks a lot like what i ran into on an older machine after I made some parts fan changes. Almost certainly the parts fan driving the block temp down.

    Check it hasn't shifted or changed direction for some reason, and as @Phaedrux said, sock & PID w/ fan on. But also check it mechanically too.

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