Temperature fault macro

  • Is there anything I can do to make the Duet run a macro/pause when a temperature fault is detected during print?
    Currently when a temperature fault is detected it only switches off the heater but the print continues to run,
    therefore generating tons of heater fault warning.

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    I have it on my list to pause the print automatically on a temperature fault.

  • Hi guys,

    While the subject is up, I had a related question that's been lingering for some time now but didn't want to start a new thread to ask it so this is perfect:

    If (and when) a temperature fault does occur, in order to resolve it so as to continue using the machine without an actual reset of the Duet, referencing the g-code / m-code list available on reprap forums, I had been successfully overcoming a spurious temp fault completely on the panelDue itself by using an "M562 P1" to reset such fault occurring on heater channel 1 (in my case this is the only hotend is installed in my delta bot). After clearing the error flag, the heater channel then is set to "off", whereby I used to be able to select the "Control" page of the panelDue, followed by a press on the icon of the corresponding heater channel, which would return it to an active mode and thus restore It to a useful state.

    The problem I'm having is that ever since a couple firmware revisions back, I've been having to use a browser to visit the web interface in order to give a click on the heater name in the temp table near the very top, which toggles the state of the heater between off, standby, and on.

    Is there a reason I cannot reactivate that heater the old way by using the PanelDue or is there a preferred method of executing this "reset" and I'm just doing it the wrong way?

    Thanks, in advance, and hope everyone's having a nice day!


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    If you press the nozzle icon on PanelDue above the temperature reading, that will activate that tool and allow you to set the temperature.

  • Hi David,
    Not sure whether updating to the latest panel firmware on your github may have caused a bad firmware install in my case, or what may be the case, but after issuing M562 P1, the errored heater channel change from purple to clear background indictating no fault, but state being OFF. A that's what I know used to work – pressing the icon of the corresponding nozzle on the controls page -- but now no matter what I try to do I cannot get it to flip over to color red (ie. Heating). Any ideas?

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    Hmm… Pressing the nozzle icon and setting the temperature should still work.

  • No dice…maybe it has to do with my commands that I'm entering in the panelDue? I enter the console page and press the keyboard icon, then type in M562P1, which is the command I think rates the heater channel 1 which is where my extruders cartridge heater is installed, then switch to the control page and click on the nozzle icon on channel one, but it resists switching to the color which would indicate that it is active again. No matter what I press or change temps to, the floor behind the current temperature reading remains clear and thereafter, I cannot, by any means I'm aware of, get the temperature to go upwards. Please advise.

    Thanks, in advance.


  • I have the same issue.
    I can reset temp faults with M562 P1 on the paneldue, but to set the heater active I have to use the web interface. With the nozzle button I can only toggle off/standby after the fault (normally it works … Also for the bed it works)

  • Same here…so I'm not alone then...

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    Does sending command T0 after M562 P1 work?

  • I'll try and post results in a few minutes…please stand by...


    Okay, so interesting update IMO:

    I literally just performed the update to 1.19b1 according to the procedure in the wiki involving dual update via M997 S0:1 after placing both the files and renaming them to be exactly as specified. So, FWIW, the firmware was just freshly loaded brand newly…

    As a handy coincidence, upon heating my extruder to 210 in order to pull out the existing filament to replace it with ABS instead, the heater incurred an error of temp rising more slowly than expected. I went to panelDue and typed in M562 P1, after which the error (purple BG) was cleared and I tried pressing the nozzle icon to see if it would activate the OFF heater. No love as has been the case for a while now.

    I typed in T0, after which I tried clicking the nozzle icon again, but still no response. Just for kicks I typed in T1. Upon switching back to the Control page of PanelDue, the numerical temperature value below the nozzle icon was yellow (standby). Further clicking on the nozzle resulted in operation as expected! So, it's a workaround, but it works!


  • I have not done the latest update yet, bit I can confirm that with T0/T1 it now works also on the paneldue.
    However, thanks to David's mod proposed on the TV issues I hope not to see too many heater faults any more 😉

  • TV issues…?

  • Sorry, TC issues … Autocorrect on my mobile 😉

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