SOLVED Broken or choppy movements

  • Hello, I'm new to the duet3 and the to RepRap. I've been upgrading a coreXY printer that I have at work and I'm getting close to having this working and ready to print. But yesterday I was trying to send commands from Simplify3D through USB to the board directly and I noticed that the movement wasn't smooth and there was some brief pauses in what should be a smooth movement. I just thought it was something to do with simplify3D and the USB connection and I gave up on that.

    Today I'm back working on the printer and I was just seeing how the mesh leveling works on the bed and I noticed the same thing. After running the G29 S0 to get a bed mesh I tried moving around the bed from -100 to +100 in both X and Y. I noticed that again this movement isn't smooth but broken or choppy. I decided to write a quick macro that would center the tool then move it to a corner then travel around the bed. Each of the moves is about 240mm of travel and again each of the movements is broken up into smaller choppy parts.

    Is there a setting I'm doing wrong? I thought maybe I had too much microstepping so I reduced that from 32 to 16 but it had no effect.


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    It sounds like you have a very low Z jerk value set, which often causes jerky XY movement when using mesh compensation as it has to slow down to allow time for the Z axis to adjust.

  • @Phaedrux Yep that is exactly what was going on. Thanks so much for your help. It was set at 12mm/min. I increased it to 120mm/min and now I have smooth rapid movements.

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