PanelDue 7i Burn-in

  • I have a PanelDue 7i on my my RailCore and I noticed a couple of days ago that the screen has burned in. I can see several of the elements of the main screen (the macro buttons are most obvious) on the other screens. This PanelDue is about 7 months old.

    I have had a PanelDue 2 with a 7" display on my BigBox that is several years old (2016) and I have not seen this on it.


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    Haven't heard of that happening before. Can you grab a photo?

    You can try some of the techniques for fixing burn in on LCDs and see if it helps.

    First leave it turned off for a day or so, then see if you can get it to stay on a blank white screen for a an extended period. Possibly connected to USB power as in for flashing the firmware. I seem to recall the screen being on and white for that.

  • Here is a picture...


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    That looks quite odd. Can you share a link to this display model?

  • same here with 5" screen

    I flashed the latest firmware and configured it to
    dim always
    info timeout 5
    brightness reduced from max where it was

    and looks like it cleared itself out now, I don't see the burnin now after few days

    for some reason previous firmware was not turning display off ever even with "dim always" configured

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    @k3lag, do you have the auto-dim facility enabled?

  • @dc42 said in PanelDue 7i Burn-in:

    @k3lag, do you have the auto-dim facility enabled?

    Yes I do. I was actually one of the first people that asked you to put that feature in because my printer is in eye shot of my home theater.

    The normal display brightness is set about 10 taps up from the dimmest.

    The display is a PanelDue 7i that I got as part of my RailCore kit from Tim at Filastruder.


  • I turned my printer off for about 24 hours and when I checked it again the background image had faded substantially. If you weren't looking for it you wouldn't know it was there.

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    Were you able to get it to display a bright white image for a while? That might help clear up any of the remaining after image. I'm curious to see if it burns in again.

  • Sorry I haven't responded in a long time. Other projects have been keeping me busy. The burn-in appears to be coming back. It isn't as bad as when I first noticed it but it is worse than right after I had the power off for a day.

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