Can't connect via wifi

  • While mid print, my wifi connection to the Duet disconnected. I was unable to reconnect even after turning off and starting the wifi module via the PanelDue. When I start the machine, the blue wifi LED blinks very briefly then goes out.

    I reinstalled the firmware for the DuetWifi itself, Wifi server, and web control. I've reset the Wifi with M552 S-1.
    When I connect via the Machine control in Simplify 3D, I get:
    "Wifi reported error: no known networks found"
    "Wfif module is idle"
    When I issue M587 S"" P"" (with my info), I get:
    "M587: Failed to add SSID to remembered list"
    Followed shortly by:
    "Error Retrieving WIFI status message: Bad reply format Version"

    If I run a M588 with my network info, I get:
    "M588: Failed to remember SSID to remembered list"

    I'm running Firmware 2.05.1

    Dead Duck? Thoughts?

  • try

    M552 S-1
    M552 S0 
    G4 S1 
    M588 S"*"; forget all previous access point info
    M587 S"" P"" 

  • Yup, that got it. I had done all of that before in that order minus the G4 line. What did that do?

  • it just waits a second, not strictly needed if you're typing the commands, but is needed if you copy/paste to a terminal

  • Thanks. All is good now.

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