Tool stops being active half way the print

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    I'm experiencing an odd behaviour with my Duet WiFi 1.02 Firmware: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet 2.05.1 (2020-02-09b1).
    I have dual extruders but I print with only one of them most of the times. I slice with Simplify3D.
    Sometimes the tool is "deactivated" mid print so the printer keeps working with no tool selected. I get errors in the console but as you can expect, no plastic is extruded and the entire thing fails.
    I know is not the slicer because I re tried the same file and it completes. It happens randomly and not often, but when it happens, it might ruin a 20hs print.
    I experienced it for the first time when I upgraded to RepRapFirmware 3. It was happening quite often so I downgraded back to stable version 2. Now it happens still though more sporadically. Ideally, it would not happen at all. I wonder if anybody experienced/resolved a similar problem before.


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    Is the tool really being deselected, or is the firmware reporting a heater fault and turning the heater off?

  • I think you're right, I remember reading something related to a heater fault in the console. I will pay more attention the next time the issue appears. Why do you think that it could happen?

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    @mscarpentier said in Tool stops being active half way the print:

    Why do you think that it could happen?

    Sometimes the part cooling fan will be running a lot during a bridging operation, or when doing a large section of solid infill and the change in flow will cause more air to blow onto the block causing it to cool rapidly.

    It's recommended to use a silicone block sock and to PID tune the heater while the part cooling fan in on so that it's effects are part of the model.

  • @Phaedrux that's a quite likely cause. I didn't have a part fan for a good while and I added one more or less at the same time this started to happen. I had a silicon sock on, but I took a quick look and it has a big hole in the side, next to where the parts fan blows.
    Actually, I have to upgrade the part fan to a more powerful one I bought. I will upgrade it and have it blowing at full speed, if that's the cause then the problem will show up more often. Thank you!

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