Question for Kossel Owners

  • What do you as insulation between your heated bed and your electronics under the bed? I am still using cardboard with aluminium tape on top which came with mine but I feel like I could do with something better.

  • I have starting at the electronics and going up, a sheet of
    -foil bubble wrap
    -an aluminium plate 3mm thick resting on the horizontals
    -4mm cork sheet
    -silicone heated bed
    -6mm tooling plate

    I have 2 x50mm fans with decent ducting in push/pull config, with the push fan directed at the duet board. Printing now, 26 deg C ambient temp, processor 56 deg C.

  • I have 2 kossels (mini & XL) and both use the corrugated cardboard with shiny tape on top and neither have ever had a problem with overheating electronics with bed temps up to 80c.

  • With my print bed at 120c my cpu sits at around 52c-53c but I am also concerned that the cardboard isn't er efficient and so my heatbed has to be on for longer to maintain the temperature than if I has something more insulating.

  • I would have thought that almost all the heat would be lost upwards due to the convection above the build plate added by
    the forced air from the part cooling fan (if you use one).

  • I built stands for my units out of 1/2" MDF. They are 4" tall. I moved all of the electronics into them, equipped them with dual cooling fans, power switch, reset switch and abort switch.

  • administrators

    I used cardboard with ALU tape for years with no issues. The larger Kossels now have cork with ALU tape.


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