Duet 2 Maestro Discontinued?

  • I just ordered a new Duet 2 Maestro from Filastruder and receiving it it was missing the 5pin connector for the BLTouch. I reached out to Filastruder as they’ve been great to work with in the past and they informed me the Duet 2 Maestro has been discontinued?

    That’s a shame, I saw the Maestro as a better option for a smaller machine with a nicer price point than the Duet 2 Ethernet. And with it having the ability to use the 12864 LCD I saw as a plus. I also liked the the zprobe being 30V tolerate.

    I guess if I ever build another machine I’ll have to try something else as I don’t see the value for money in the Duet 2 WiFi or the Duet 2 Ethernet.

  • @PDBeal Is this true? I love the maestro and plan on buying more in the future!

    If it is discontinued, then why?

  • Not sure if actually canceled but I do recall them saying that the next new board after the Duet 3 was going to be a Maestro update.

    Maybe it is close?

  • Ha, didn't expect that information to get broadcast publicly!

    I suspect something is coming to replace the Maestro, yes... but I'll let Duet3D comment if they choose.

    EDIT: I've found a few still in stock:


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    There is more info on the board that will replace the Maestro in this thread https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/14263/tmc2209-sensorless-homing.

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