Print dimension off

  • Hi,

    I have printed a piece.... a small piece.... but print off of dimension

    Dimension of STL, its like a cilinder

    X = 51.16 mm
    Y = 51.16 mm
    Z = 15 mm

    Printed dimension

    X = 57.2 mm (off of dimension)
    Y = 51.6 mm ( Its ok for me)
    Z = 15.3 mm (its ok for me)

    Layers seems ok.
    The overall finish its ok
    Slicer Cura 4.6

    Printer: Delta with linear rails

    Don't seems a mechannical issue.... not sure

    Ideas what i have to check?

  • Hi, I also had this problem with my delta printer and I also was in trouble because of the mismatch of the dimensions of the print.
    But, looking around, I found and followed this
    Everything now is correct.

  • Solved, i have try with another slicer and works OK... suppose.when I have added stl to.Cura, a haves scaled in one axis...

    Sorry for disturb

    @Sytac072. ... time ago I have try ti use these gcode in my Delta. ... and no works as spected. ..Delta kninematics are particular, and all axes have relationship. ..

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