What slicer are you using?

  • Wanted to start a discussion on what slicer everyone is using and why.

    Lately I've been using Prusa Slic3r, after using Simplify 3D for several years and becoming frustrated with some of its idiosyncrasies surrounding material/quality preset management and it's handling of thin walls. At this point I feel like Prusa Slic3r is 99% as good as S3D for most prints. I've also started playing with Cura after the 2.6 beta was released and have been generally happy with it, though I'm not ready to commit to switching over from Slic3r.

  • Slic3r for me (in all it's various forms) because it's the best of the bunch so far for handling multi colour (3plus) and a mixing hot end. It ain't perfect but IMO it's the best of a bad bunch for what I need to do.

  • Simpify3d, not easy to start using but the option for improving prints makes it worth it if you have good hardware. Most everything it does can be done editing G code but who want to do that for every print!

  • Prusa slic3r is my new favourite. Like slic3r but it works.

  • My other printer is a Prusa i3 MK2, so I was really pleased to to see their Slic3r improvements, especially on the Mac. They continue to make regular changes too. Some impressive speed-ups over the last month or so.


    I did buy Simplify3D last summer, and I do like the way it handles supports (both custom and automatic).

    I use both, but 80% of the time I use S3D.


  • I'll second Simplify3D for supports.

    I had some 48 hour prints that needed very good supports. It's pretty expensive, but the documentation is great and it does handle supports quite well.

    You can also generate supports and then manually click to remove individual support towers that are rendered.

  • I use Simplify3d, but wish they would release some new features.. getting old.

  • +1 for Prusa version of Slic3r, but Simplify3D supports are awesome.

  • @Adamfilip:

    I use Simplify3d, but wish they would release some new features.. getting old.

    I have heard (from two different sources) that S3D IS working on a new release that will have some actual fixes and features (unlike the last release which just had some language work, and additional templates). I have no further info.

  • Wouldnt be surprised if any new version was a paid update

  • It would be lovely if S3D fixed their atrocious settings management…

  • @LeonMF:

    It would be lovely if S3D fixed their atrocious settings management…

    It would be, but I've given up hope at this point.

  • i was using the latest version of slic3r 64 bit but it crashed in win 10 alot. otherwise worked fine. i just found and downloaded the prusa verison of slicer and it is a little different menu wise but seems stable so far.in case anyone is interested… https://github.com/prusa3d/Slic3r/releases

  • S3d is my general first go-to. I have cura installed, but since it only does absolute extrusion I only use it if I really have to. Can give good results, though. I have both slic3r & prusa's slic3r, I prefer prusa's out of those. I also have kiss installed, but it's the least used of them.

    None of them are great at everything. I probably do 75% with s3d, 15% with prusa slic3r, and the rest in regular slic3r or cura.

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