Stored values for multiple bed surfaces

  • Evening all! I had a quick search but unless I'm using the wrong key words I don't see anything relating to this - feel free to shoot me down and prove me wrong!

    My use case is my various Delta's use a variety of build surfaces and tools depending on the job at hand - for example, I may need to print PLA on a PEI surface, then swap to glass for a PETG job because I need a perfectly flat bottom etc, or Tufnol for nylon etc.

    Obviously I need to calibrate when changing tools/surfaces (I only use a G32 auto-cal before each print, and don't use G29 mesh levelling), and generally I need to adjust the IR probe G31 trigger height - especially if I move tools from say a standard 0.4mm to a 1.2mm nozzle.

    The only thing I came across which might allow me to define on-the-fly changes of tools/trigger height etc is the Filaments section in DWC - am I on the right lines here in that I could for example place a G31 statement in there which would override the config.g? Also being able to place a custom M665 there might be useful too, but I'm not sure this would override the config.g statements. I am aware that I could write it directly into the gcode, but this isn't always ideal.

    I do recall somebody asked something similar recently, but I couldn't find it - perhaps my question was already answered in which case I apologise for my lack of search-fu.

    Just for reference, my machines are running 0.85 gen 1 Duets with the 1.26.1 firmware, and the Duet Wifi's are running 2.04.

    Just musing here...let me know what I've missed (as I'm sure I have)!

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    Well you could use the filaments function. It has the option had using a custom supplementary config.g to change whatever values you want.

    But really this could be accomplished with just a macro that has the updated commands for the particular setup. Run the macro and you're good to go. Simple as that.

  • @SlimShader To expand on what @Phaedrux has said, the commands in config.g get read when you first apply power to the machine. So any other instances of those commands which come later, will override the values in config.g. That includes commands sent individually via the console, or consecutively in a macro. Essentially, homing and filaments files are nothing more than macros so you can use or modify these, or create your own.

  • Great! Thanks for the answers, that helps a lot!

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