IR sensor goes from 0 to 1000 within 0.03mm

  • The wordpress blog makes it sound like the sensor should be a little less sensitive, but the LED and probe readout both show that the IR sensor is really sensitive. When the LED is off, probe readout is zero. Move it down .01mm and the LED is flickering, and probe readout jumps around in the low 200s. Move it down another .01 and the LED is almost solid and the probe readout jumps between 970 and 1000. Is this expected behavior?

    Duet WiFi 1.0, Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet 3.0 (2020-01-03b3), purchased an IR sensor from Filastruder a few days ago.

    Bed is 3mm PEI from Amazon with matte black spray paint on the back.

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    Have you tried it with a simple piece of paper just to eliminate the surface?

  • @Phaedrux Yes, similar results.

  • Not sure if I understand the problem and why the sensor would be less sensitive? In any case if the sensor is configured in digital mode then it sounds normal, even in analouge mode it would only go through one other state indicating its "near" the surface.

    How many blinks is the sensor giving you when you power on the printer, and how is it configured?

  • @bearer I was worried about it activating too quickly, as it would be more sensitive in a smaller range of height. However, I've gone ahead and followed the other instructions in dozuki and everything else functions as expected.

  • @kenblu24

    I would recommend you follow These instructions to the letter.

    And as has already been asked, how does the probe act when it boots ?

    i.e. what does the red L.E.D do ?

    And kindly post your M558 & G31 Commands in your config.g

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