RepRapFirmware Configurable Printer Profile for IceSL Slicer!!!!

  • Credit where it is due, I was not the first:

    This is my first coding project, so please explore it with a heavy amount of scrutiny.

    IceSL is a pretty neat slicer that has some incredible features. It also allows total customization of GCode output with LUA scripting. See below excerpt from my README.

    RepRapFirmware Configurable Printer Profile (Addiform_RRF) for IceSL

    • Created on 2020-APR-20 by Nathan Buxton for

    Addiform_RRF adds the following features:

    • Support for firmware retraction.
    • Support for volumetric extrusion.
    • Support for relative extrusion.
    • Compatibility with RRF tool changes.
    • RRF-specific GCode output.
    • S3D output emulation for toolpath visualization and print info formatting.

    IceSL is a state of the art slicer (STL → G-code) with advanced modeling capabilities.

    IceSL has the following novel slicing features, and more:

    • Variable layer-height optimization.
    • Geometry-based print setting modifiers.
    • Paint to specify seam locations.
    • Advanced tree-like support structures.
    • Supports based on toolpaths, not only meshes.
    • Paint to specify support locations.
    • Hollow prints with self-supporting cavities.
    • Advanced and experimental infill options:
      • Progressive infill patterns that can smoothly vary in density along height.
      • Cubic, Tetrahedral and Hierarchical infills.
      • Ability to create custom infill types.
    • Active temperature control, which ensures tools are heated and cooled just in time for their use.
    • High-precision slicing with controllable simplification.
    • Minimum layer time, with customizable wait GCode.

    For more information about IceSL:

    IceSL Features

    IceSL Printer Profile Documentation

    More IceSL Documentation

    Read more on GitHub...

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  • In case anybody used this profile template as a basis for their own, you should know that I have refactored the code for v 1.0.1, and this includes a few bug fixes.

    I highly recommend you check out the Addiform_RRF GitHub repo and update your profile if you feel the need.

  • @bot Thank you!

  • "Using Software for consulting services or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden"

  • @jpomo10 You're welcome! Don't hesitate to report any bugs or recommend any changes. Also, if you have any questions about how to use the profile or configure it for your own printer, I'll be glad to help answer.

    @zapta Yes, sadly the license is really only for hobbyist use. I suspect this is due to their academic research funding model. Nonetheless, I find the software useful in exploring slicer features.

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