RepRapFirmware Configurable Printer Profile for IceSL Slicer!!!!

  • Credit where it is due, I was not the first:

    This is my first coding project, so please explore it with a heavy amount of scrutiny.

    IceSL is a pretty neat slicer that has some incredible features. It also allows total customization of GCode output with LUA scripting. See below excerpt from my README.

    RepRapFirmware Configurable Printer Profile (Addiform_RRF) for IceSL

    • Created on 2020-APR-20 by Nathan Buxton for

    Addiform_RRF adds the following features:

    • Support for firmware retraction.
    • Support for volumetric extrusion.
    • Support for relative extrusion.
    • Compatibility with RRF tool changes.
    • RRF-specific GCode output.
    • S3D output emulation for toolpath visualization and print info formatting.

    IceSL is a state of the art slicer (STL → G-code) with advanced modeling capabilities.

    IceSL has the following novel slicing features, and more:

    • Variable layer-height optimization.
    • Geometry-based print setting modifiers.
    • Paint to specify seam locations.
    • Advanced tree-like support structures.
    • Supports based on toolpaths, not only meshes.
    • Paint to specify support locations.
    • Hollow prints with self-supporting cavities.
    • Advanced and experimental infill options:
      • Progressive infill patterns that can smoothly vary in density along height.
      • Cubic, Tetrahedral and Hierarchical infills.
      • Ability to create custom infill types.
    • Active temperature control, which ensures tools are heated and cooled just in time for their use.
    • High-precision slicing with controllable simplification.
    • Minimum layer time, with customizable wait GCode.

    For more information about IceSL:

    IceSL Features

    IceSL Printer Profile Documentation

    More IceSL Documentation

    Read more on GitHub...

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